Ever since I was old enough to cause havoc with a wrench I was constantly taking some type of motorized equipment apart and putting it back together. Fortunately, as I grew older I became much better at it. I realized this when there were fewer spare parts at the end of my efforts. 
In the summer of '83, my high school years, I started a new job with a rental equipment store. This was my first opportunity to get paid for my improved skills! This also gave me the opportunity to learn from a meticulous Briggs and Stratton Master Service Technician. Over the years I expanded into auto repair & racing, and also into aviation as a licensed Aircraft (A&P) Mechanic. 
In mid 2000 my son & I ventured into kart racing with a used CRG chassis equipped with an old Briggs "L" head engine. It wasn't even a Raptor. The next year the Briggs Animal racing engine was available and we went for it. I became so hooked on the quality and potential of this engine that I applied to become a Briggs Racing Dealer and was accepted! I started a small business selling & servicing these engines along with other kart racing products. 
In 2005 I started Mile High Power Supply Llc and began the expansion of our product line and services. Today we are an Authorized Briggs & Stratton Service Center and Briggs Racing Dealer, an authorized Steinjager Dealer, and a re-seller of many quality products such as, Oregon Replacement Parts & Oregon Forestry, Worx, MyChron, Dyno Cams, Burris, Champion and many more. 
We’re a small company working hard to make sales and service as convenient and inviting as possible. Take a look around our online catalog or feel free to Contact Us directly. 

Best regards, 
Dave B. 
Owner, MHPS