Tillotson TPP-196R Clone Engine

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Tillotson TPP-196R Clone Engine


The TPP-196R clone engine was developed by Tillotson's World Champion Racing division to combine reliability with unbeatable value and performance.

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The TPP-196R is designed to meet AKRA, WKA and NKA competition standards and, unlike other clone engines, comes complete with a Tillotson Racing camshaft and cylinder head*, a Tillotson PK-1 carburetor and enhanced racing valve springs for maximum performance and consistency. For enhanced performance in open-class racing, pair it with our TF-8A-6C TillotsonTCT for maximum acceleration and power.

Features Include:

-Tillotson Racing camshaft for max lift
-Tillotson PK-1A Carburetor
-Electronic Ignition
-Easy pull start
-Stainless steel push rods
-AKRA Approved
-*Currently available with JT 158 cylinder head, with Tillotson Racing cylinder head design/JT casting available in March 2018. Free upgrade when Tillotson Racing Head is available.
-Can be used with our TF-8A featuring patented TillotsonTCT technology for open racing