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Leatherneck Heavy-Duty Tire Changer

The Leatherneck Tire Changer and Heavy-Duty Tire Changer are both high quality Tire Tools designed to make it easier for you to mount/dismount the tire on the wheel.

$ 123.99          Back

Add Metric Wheel Adaptor?
Add Vice Mount Adaptor?


While the Standard Tire Changer can handle most go-kart tires with ease. Some tires with stiff sidewalls may cause a bit of a problem trying to get the tire onto the wheel. The Heavy-Duty Tire Changer is designed to combat this issue with two extra length arms to attack the tire from two sides at once, thus making it easier to mount the tire to the wheel.

Adjustable to 5" or 6" and are SAE bolt-pattern ready. Metric bolt pattern adaptor sold separately.

Leatherneck Heavy Duty Tire Changer

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